Both husband and wife create a small romantic achievement intimacy

Work pressure is too big, no mood, I feel that my body is not good-looking, I have no passion for a long time together… There are many reasons for people to reject sex, but there is often only one result: sexual life becomes disharmony, relationship with partner More and more alienated. Recently, the online doctors website of the United States invited three authoritative gender relations experts to clear the common sex barriers for readers and make the sex life better and better. No longer change the posture, time, place, etc. freshly. Dr. Renee Holoz, MD, founder of the Michigan Sexual Health Center, said that in a long-term marriage relationship, two people often live a life of convention. Studies have shown that novel experiences can stimulate dopamine release in the brain. Dopamine read more

Regular menstruation represents normal ovulation?

A woman can be pregnant, which is the premise that the ovary discharges an egg every month. With ovulation, there will be a menstrual period. Menstruation and ovulation are closely related and ready for pregnancy. The relationship between menstruation and ovulation 1. Ovulation determines menstruation. Menstruation and ovulation are closely related. Simply put, ovulation determines menstruation. If there is no ovulation, there will be no menstruation; more precisely, no ovulation, no ovulation, no fertility. Therefore, to determine whether menstruation is normal, you should first determine whether there is ovulation, and menstruation with ovulation is normal. Demonstration of ovulation: pituitary secretion of gonadotropins – primordial follicles in the ovary begin to develop, synthetic read more

Women use their own methods to extend couple time

There will always be people who tell their husband that their sex time in bed is very short and they cannot meet their sexual needs. In fact, women don’t know that women in bed, you can use your own methods to extend your sex time. 1. Maintain a proper sex life. Abstinence and excessive sexual life can lead to premature aging. Moderate sexual life can promote the secretion of sex hormones and avoid the atrophy of sexual organs. 2. Be confident in your sexual ability and be convinced that your sexual function is normal. 3. Maintain a healthy state of mind, be cheerful, have a good mood, and develop a sense of humor. Depression can affect the performance of sexual function. Excessive tension can induce premature ejaculation and impotence. Be aware of adequate sleep breaks. 4. To have read more

How to save a nervous relationship between mother and daughter?

Marriage is not just a matter for two people, but a matter for four people – your mother and your mother-in-law. When you get married, it means starting to enter a tangible and invisible war, and you have to make a move with your mother-in-law. Are you ready to start your life with your mother-in-law? If you don’t have one, learn how to handle this relationship first. The relationship between mother and daughter has always been a topic of concern in marriage and family. The mother-in-law who is in the middle seems to always play a less friendly role. It is necessary to think about marriage harmony and good relationship with mother-in-law. The relationship between mother-in-law and mother-in-law has always been a time bomb in the life of husband and wife. If the wife and mother read more

Intimate and careful considerations in the car

The thrill of car shock is not comparable to the average bedroom. However, preparations and precautions are indispensable. Things are better, no more than what is needed in a hotel or home. Some things must be prepared in advance. 1. The special window is the kind of window that can be seen inside and can’t be seen outside. If you can’t afford it, at least the “shading insulation board” should be attached to the four sides of the window. It is recommended not to use a large piece of silver reflective, to cover the field of view, the surface of the small mesh is good, you can watch the scenery while doing. But please note that when you are excited, you can’t tear it off. 2, the flashlight is mostly in the dark place, although there are lights in the car, but read more

Occasional goddess, how can you succeed?

Think carefully, we will find out. I always meet my favorite girl on the street, that is the goddess that we dream of in our hearts. However, due to strangeness, because of the complexity of the present society, and because of our timidity, I do not know how to open up, causing us to miss a wave of beautiful women. Then, if you encounter a goddess on the road, how can you get rid of it, you will not be rejected? Xiao Bian recommended: How to know the male netizen’s lower body size before going to bed How to tease the sexy stunner in the master bed 1. Stay calm and watch carefully. When you meet a goddess on the road and want to talk to her very much, the first thing to do is to stay calm. First, carefully observe the goddess. Through her costumes and accessories, you can probably guess read more

Where is the date on Christmas Eve easier to get?

Christmas Eve is coming, it is easier to get a date with the girl. Women love romance, so when dating a sister, many men use romantic tricks. For example, go to the rooftop to have a drink and talk, go to the park for a picnic. But now the weather is in the cold winter, these wild places are no longer realistic. Watching movies, having dinner, etc. are too old-fashioned and romantic. So how do you break the boring date of dating? Some of the novel ideas below tell you that winter dating can still be romantic. The underwater world does not want to be frozen by the girl, but also to experience the romance like summer, the underwater world is the first choice. Even in the cold winter, don’t leave the summer behind. Visiting the aquarium is like opening an exotic adventure. Dim lighting read more

The connection between chocolate and women’s sexual behavior

Women have always been associated with romantic sexuality and sexuality, and chocolate has become a “symbol of love”. Currently, British and Italian scientists have established a scientific connection between the two. According to Italian scientists, women who have long been accustomed to chocolate have the highest number of sexual desires, sexual incentives, and sexual satisfaction, and British scientists have found that chocolate-loving men are not very high in these areas. The study also showed that men who had chaotic behavior at a young age were prone to prostate cancer in the future. At the same time, people with multiple sexual partners are at increased risk of contracting human papillomavirus (HPV), and infection with the virus may trigger a series of genetic mutations that are read more

6 differences between men and women

The difference between men and women is the most prominent in terms of “sexuality”. The difference in sexual excitement directly affects the level of sexual desire, the quality of sexual life, and the acquisition of orgasm. Specifically, there are six differences between male and female sexual excitement: First, after male high females have low sexual maturity, men naturally have sexual impulses, women’s sexual desire is weak, and there is no sexual requirement even before marriage. Therefore, men will be mistaken for “sexual hunger”, while women mistakenly believe that “sexuality is cold.” Second, the peak age of sexual peak men is about 20 years old, while women are around 30 years old. Therefore, young couples will inevitably have differences in sexual read more

Smart men can easily capture the heart

A woman is a fickle animal. It is a kind of evening in the daytime. It may be a reserved lady during the day. In the evening, it may become a sexy and charming woman. Because under the cover of the night, women can show their wildness and their own charm, they do not need to pay attention to the outside world. Therefore, men can first understand some of the little psychology of women. It is easy to capture the “heart” of a woman. Xiao Bian recommended: Four kinds of sex can make women relish their good habits and make men’s sexual ability multiply at night. The strong music and dark lighting can make women’s sexuality in the night life is very rich in modern, the most exciting place for female sexual excitement is disco In the ballroom, where men and women will twist read more